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Rafael Alberti a los quince años de su muerte

Rafael Alberti a los quince años de su muerte

Coordinación Académica:

Coordinación Académica

José Jurado Morales


José Jurado Morales, Universidad de Cádiz.

Luis García Montero, Universidad de Granada.

Jaime Siles, Universidad de Valencia.

Julio Neira, UNED.

Benjamín Prado, escritor.

Francisco Javier Díez de Revenga, Universidad de Murcia.

Eladio Mateos Miera, Universidad de Granada.

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Documentación general del curso:

Recursos y materiales sobre Rafael Alberti

Benavent Döring y Guerrero Ruiz

Bermúdez Ramiro.. El mundo mitológico femenino en la obra poética de Alberti

C. Corbacho Cortés. El ludismo en la poesía de Rafael Alberti

Gregorio Torres Nebrera. La prehistoria teatral de Rafael Alberti

Verónica Dean-Thacker

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Descripción del curso

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Chapter 0

José Jurado Morales, course coordinator and lecturer at the University of Cádiz, presents the structure and contents of the course.


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Chapter 1- Poetics and career of Rafael Alberti. José Jurado Morales

Lecturer José Jurado Morales, from University of Cádiz, takes a journey through the vast poetic production of Rafael Alberti with the dual aim of tracing his poetic career and highlight its changing conception of poetry and literature.

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Image of Rafael Alberti. Luis García Montero

Lecturer and writer Luis García Montero, from University of Granada, describes the main features of the literary personality of Rafael Alberti and his contribution to literature. It also highlights the lessons he has learned from his personal relationship with the poet, such as lack of literary sectarianism, the need for continued formal search and the enormous generosity to young poets of his generation.

Capítulo 2. Luis García Montero. Imagen de Rafael Alberti

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Contemporary Relevance of the poetry of Rafael Alberti. Jaime Siles

Professor Jaime Siles, from University of Valencia, takes a journey through the poetic career of Rafael Alberti focus attention on the most current aspects of his poetry. From the analysis of professor Siles emerge the essential elements of the poetry of Rafael Alberti, this elements make that the most of his works remain in force after many years of his writing.

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Alberti, memoirs and forgetfulness. Julio Neira

Professor Julio Neira, from UNED, makes a reflection on what we know and what we don´t know about the life of Rafael Alberti, analyzing the relationship between memoir and author biography. Julio Neira focuses on the three parts of  La arboleda perdida and highlights both the biographical data collected in the book as the absence or scarcity of information on outstanding episodes of his life. Following this tour, Professor Neira notes, first, the need to undertake an author bio that takes into account other sources, in addition to these reports, and on the other hand, the usefulness of a critical edition of La arboleda perdida that restores the original text, cleaning manipulations suffered in recent editions, especially in the second and third parts of the work.


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Alberti after Alberti. José Jurado Morales

Lecturer José Jurado Morales, from University of Cádiz, addresses the controversial issue of managing the legacy of Rafael Alberti in recent years. Points out the major events that have determined that the name of the writer is closer to the controversy instead of literature: the work of Rafael Alberti Foundation, the controversy surrounding will´s writer, the creation of EL ALBA DEL ALHELÍ SL, the complaint around the handling of the manuscripts and the attacks against the person of Rafael Alberti.


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Rafael Alberti: hunting the “red poet”. Benjamín Prado

The writer Benjamin Prado brings up the reasons of oblivion and disrepute suffering in recent years, both the figure and the work of Rafael Alberti. For this makes a count of the numerous attacks on the person of the poet contained in some recent writings in Spain.


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Chapter 7. The last Rafael Alberti: vitality and sensuality. Francisco Díez de Revenga


Professor Francisco Díez de Revenga, from University of Murcia, studies the poetry of Rafael Alberti from years of exile to the latest works written in the years of senescence. Díez de Revenga focuses on the analysis of two typical characteristics in Alberti's poetry from its beginnings: the vitality and sensuality that, far from disappearing or attenuated with advancing age, remains two key elements in the poetics of the author.



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Chapter 8. Recent contributions to Alberti´s reasearch: theater, music, painting. Eladio Mateos Miera


Lecturer Eladio Mateos Miera, from University of Granada, emphasizes the main contributions of the last fifteen years in Alberti´s studies, highlights recent findings in the field of theater production of  Rafael Alberti and the relationship between the writer's work and the music. Lecturer Mateos Miera also emphasizes the need for further study of the work of Rafael Alberti from a multidisciplinary perspective that takes into account, for example, his painting production,  an unexplored field of study.



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Bibliographic sesion. José Jurado Morales

Lecturer José Jurado Morales, from University of Cádiz, makes a count of the huge bibliography about Rafael Alberti, ordering it according to the matters, stages and books dealt with.


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